Swiss chocolate has a reputation of high quality, popping out international brands such as Lindt and Toblerone. For someone who idolized Milton Hershey when she was in the fourth grade and wrote a 20-page paper on the history of chocolate in college, Switzerland seems to be my mecca. Thus, CJ and I went across Switzerland and tasted all the delicious treats that the country has to offer. Here are just a couple of spots we have tried:


Address: Rue de Rive, 4 CH-1204 Genève


When CJ and I decided to go to Auer, it was our last night in Geneva, it was raining, and the shop was closing in 15 minutes. We raced there, and it absolutely did not disappoint. The shop is quaint and wall-to-wall covered in chocolates. The gold sign in cursive script that spells out “Auer” outside is reflected inside with warm hues and even warmer staff. We always split each chocolate, and then comment on what we think of the flavor, the texture, and how we wish we bought more. The chocolate has a delicious silky quality and the shop offers a wide range of truffles, ganaches, and pralines, both in milk and dark chocolate. Notable: the chocolate covered almonds. If you are indecisive, there are boxes already packaged for you and if you are more of an independent chocolate connoisseur, you can pick out whatever you’d like and they will put it in a gorgeously wrapped box for you (great for gifts!)

Max Chocolatier

Address: Schweizerhofquai 2, 6004 Lucerne


Max Chocolatier is officially CJ’s favorite chocolate (shout out to the banana and ginger truffle he had). It is absolutely silky smooth and the quality is unreal, which is reflective of the handmade and 100% natural way the chocolate is made. The flavors are rich and complex, which are updated to reflect the season. The truffles are extremely unique, such as elderflower, mango and coconut gianduja, gingerbread, and alpine herbs. Max also has classic flavors such as caramel, but with a twist of lavender. Whether you are trying a traditional flavor or one that only Max Chocolatier can concoct, every piece is luxurious – a true definition of indulgence.

Confiserie Sprungli

Address: train stations, airports, and many streets! See the website for specific locations


While sadly you can only get Max chocolates in Lucerne or a small boutique in Zurich, Sprungli has many locations! Sprungli is famous for its creation of the Luxemburgerli, mini macarons that have quite an airy quality to them and a much creamier, thicker center. Sprungli also has a plethora of truffles and chocolates, but it is the chocolate bars that I personally love most. The milk chocolate, dark chocolate, dark dark chocolate, and hazelnut bars are what I brought home to my family. I find the flavor to be deliciously simple and incredibly clear. Even the darkest of chocolate is not bitter, which in my opinion is not easy to find. However, if you are in a train station in Zurich, you will not have a problem finding Confiserie Sprungli!


Address: take your pick from many countries! See the website for specific locations


When you walk into Teuscher in Zurich, you are greeted with bouquets of flowers, a Valentine’s Day dream of heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates, and little chocolate bars in an assortment of flavors and all different colored packaging. We tried an array of truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolates in all different shapes, but did not love it as much as let’s say Auer or Max Chocolatier. Unfortunately, there can only be one favorite!

Remember, “everything in moderation…including moderation.” Oscar Wilde