My love of breakfast transcends both time (eating breakfast at any hour is always a good idea) and space (no matter what country I’m in, I’ve never found a breakfast meal I didn’t like). Considering the fact that Canada is known for its maple syrup, how could you not scour Montreal for the perfect meal to put this sugary sweetness on? Therefore, CJ and I have taken one for the team and have personally researched (eaten) for you and determined these to be our favorite spots:

Restaurant L’Avenue


Montreal is replete with intricate graffiti on buildings all around the city, which is reflected on the walls of Restaurant L’Avenue. This funky and creative breakfast spot has a plethora of options, including an entire menu page dedicated to eggs benedict. For those of you who need your sugary fix, the pancakes or pecan pie French toast will do just the trick!



Another cute funky spot, Faberge is my absolute favorite breakfast spot of all time. One day in particular, CJ and I drove six hours without stopping until we arrived at Faberge (worth it!) It is hard not to name the entire menu when thinking of notable items, but here are my faves: PB&J French toast, the Belle Province (a bacon stuffed waffle topped with bacon), the crepes, and the breakfast poutine. They do not take reservations, however they serve breakfast all day so you won’t miss out!

Olive & Gourmando


When you enter Olive & Gourmando, you are greeted with a chalkboard wall, which is the backdrop for a table of mouth-watering pastries (the chocolate banana brioche is to die for). If you are not in a hurry, take a seat and order off of the restaurant’s delectable menu. While only offered on the weekend, Olive & Gourmando’s French toast is my favorite in North America. It is topped with O&G’s house-made granola (I always try to replicate it) and deliciously fresh, seasonal fruit. They do not take reservations so either arrive when the doors open or grab something to go from the pastry counter if it is crazy crowded.

Luckily there is a mountain, Mont Royal, smack dab in the middle of Montreal that you can climb so you can burn off all these calories!