If you are in New York and missing Belgian fries, or what is known as pommes frites, look no further than Greenwich Village’s appropriately named shop, Pommes Frites. Pommes Frites opened in 1996 on 2nd Avenue, but relocated to MacDougal Street. Going through about 7,000 pounds of potatoes a week, this little store exclusively sells frites and their accoutrements. For my Canadian friends and family, they do sell poutine!

CJ and I absolutely love the authentic and completely fresh double cooked frites, accompanied by a variety of gourmet dipping sauces. Fry aficionados can choose from over 30 different condiments, such as sweet mango chutney, organic black truffle, and parmesan peppercorn. 

CJ’s favorite was the roasted garlic aioli and the sweet chili. Specifically, the sweet chili was a nice complement to the salty fried potatoes, as well as a totally different flavor profile to the garlic aioli. I myself am a traditionalist, and could not get enough of the frite sauce, which is their traditional European mayo (American mayo is not the same, so I cherished this moment!!) The sauce will be put on top of the frites or if you decide to get multiple sauces, they can be layered throughout your food. If you like to dip your frites, there is always an option to get the sauce on the side! 

On the Pommes Frites website, you can find an ingredient list for each sauce, specifying whether a sauce is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, nut free, or vegetarian. Note the oil that the frites are cooked in is gluten free as well. 

You can sit in the little shop and eat your frites or you can take it to go and walk two minutes to Washington Square Park to enjoy your food outside. Frites will come in a paper cone with a fork to easily hold and walk with, or you can transport it in a bag. Everything is reasonably priced and you are given quite a healthy portion. If you love genuine Belgian frites, these are absolutely outstanding. We cannot recommend Pommes Frites enough!