There are so many wonderful things to do, places to see, and food to eat in London. This is just one way to spend a weekend in the capital of England when there are countless combinations and permutations that work for all different people. This itinerary is for someone who is new to the city and wants to experience the big-ticket items that London has to offer. Happy traveling! 

Day 1 

Start your morning off by grabbing a cinnamon bun and coffee at Nordic Bakery in Soho. Enjoy your pastry as you walk to The Rose Garden in Hyde Park at the southeast corner of the park. Walk through the entirety of the park and you will run into Kensington Palace and Gardens, which is a royal residence to this day! 

The Rose Garden in Hyde Park

From Kensington Palace, head to the picturesque neighborhood of Notting Hill to marvel at pastel houses and quiet streets. Have lunch at Cocotte, a rustic French restaurant in the neighborhood that serves delicious rotisserie chicken and sides. 

Notting Hill

Enjoy an afternoon of museums, first with the Natural History Museum’s extensive dinosaur exhibit and then the British Museum’s over 8 million objects that touch on the history of the world’s cultures. 

End your day in the same neighborhood you started with dinner at Mother Mash to satisfy your love of savory pies (or maybe that’s just my obsession.) While dinner is in Soho, so are many West End productions! If you have the time/opportunity to see a performance, I highly recommend you jump at the chance!

Mother Mash beef pie

Day 2

Another day, another baked good; this time, at Bread Ahead. After you eat your sweet start to your morning, walk to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Buy tickets in advance and when you get there, immediately start your ascent to the top of the cathedral to witness gorgeous panoramic views of the city. At the very top, there is little room and crowds WILL grow, so do this first. After you head down, then explore the breathtaking interior of St. Paul’s. 

Next, head over to the Tower of London. As this is another popular stop, I suggest buying tickets in advance. Do not miss the Crown Jewels that are kept here. Once you exit the Tower of London onto the riverbank, you will have access to beautiful views of the Tower Bridge. 

Tower of London

Take the tube to have lunch at The Wolseley. After your meal, walk past Buckingham Palace and through St. James’s Park to Westminster Abbey. I highly advise buying tickets in advance, as the lines get extremely long. End the day by walking past Big Ben, 10 Downing Street, and the Houses of Parliament, all within walking distance of Westminster Abbey. Pick up a quick bite to eat in Kings Cross Station as you make your way to your next destination! 

Westminster Abbey

For more details on the sights mentioned above, head to my post on London Must Sees