Inverlochy Castle Hotel is a 5 star hotel wrapped in a picturesque bow of lush greenery and glistening blues from the nearby loch. The mountains of Glencoe and the Glenfinnan Viaduct (where the Hogwarts Express puffs on by twice a day) are just two of the historic backdrops that are nearby. When Queen Victoria spent a week at Inverlochy sketching and painting, she wrote in her diaries, “I never saw a lovelier or more romantic spot.” I have to agree with Queen Victoria!  

Dinner at Inverlochy Castle is led by the culinary father and son team Albert and Michel Roux Jr. Book a reservation as there are only three dining rooms, each adorned with elegant furniture presented as gifts to the castle from the King of Norway. 

Billiards room

The reservation time that you book will be when you will start your experience off with canapés and drinks, possibly in the drawing room where CJ and I sat. Then, you will be brought to your dining room for dinner. We were sat in a room with only four tables, with two tables looking out their own windows. We sat at the table that looked out the window by the fireplace. Eventually when another couple came in to sit at the table looking out the other window, they were hardly noticed, for the angling of the chairs made for an intimate experience. 

one of the rooms you can sit in & relax

We were first given an amuse-bouche and then onto starters! CJ had a diver’s scallop and I had fresh asparagus. We then had the chateaubriand for two, which was absolute heaven. The beef was cut in front of us. As the steam escaped the meat, it wafted through a cup of rosemary herbs that sat next to it, adding a flawless aromatic touch to our meal. The beef was cooked to perfection and was plated beautifully. 

After our main course, CJ had cheesecake and I had three scoops of sorbet (raspberry, cherry, and blackcurrant). Then tea and coffee were served with petit fours. Because we ordered everything while in the drawing room eating canapés, each course was impeccably timed coming out of the kitchen. 

sitting at our table looking out the window

Even though we had what seemed like a lot food, everything was so incredibly fresh with the utmost quality, that I was left feeling completely satisfied and not overly stuffed. The food as well as the staff reflected the attention and care that truly made for a magical evening. I must say, my dinner at Inverlochy Castle was the best meal I’ve ever had in my life. 

Note that it is 75 pounds per person, and a jacket is required for gentlemen when eating in the dining room. If you find yourself in Scotland, I can’t recommend this castle enough and all it has to offer. 

CJ & I playing chess in front of Inverlochy Castle